$391,416 Grant Awarded to New Cumberland Borough & Three Great Projects

Third Avenue Storm Sewer Discharge

On December 19, 2023, New Cumberland Borough was awarded a $391,416 grant through the Commonwealth Financing Authority’s (CFA) COVID-19 ARPA PA Small Water and Sewer (PSWS) Program for the Third Avenue Storm Sewer Replacement Project, to replace 820 feet and rehab 105 feet of the aging storm sewer CMP (corrugated metal pipe) on Third Avenue from Bridge Street to the Susquehanna River. This system is one of the largest drainage conveyance lines within the Borough and it conveys and discharges runoff directly into the Susquehanna River. This system is old and in disrepair and the ground around the outlet is eroding. The last thirty (30) feet of the CMP that discharges into the Susquehanna River is completely disintegrated. The only remaining evidence of the pipe in this area are the remaining ribs of the old CMP pipe (see photo to the right). Replacing this line is critical for public safety. With the runoff going directly into the Susquehanna River, it’s even more vital to replace this storm sewer to protect our natural resources and to maintain the beauty of our community.

The total project cost for the Third Avenue Storm Sewer project is $652,359.75. See total project cost below.

There were 892 PSWS grant requests submitted and only 415 were awarded. We are elated that New Cumberland Borough was one of the 415 projects chosen.

With the assistance of the $391,416 PSWS grant, New Cumberland Borough is positioned to invest an additional $400,000 to do above-the-ground projects along Third Avenue and Riverside Park. Projects include:

  • Riverside Park Improvements (the discharge for Third Avenue is located in Riverside Park): repaving entire surface area of park (4,600 square yards); painting designated parking spaces and ADA parking; safety signage; and a 6-foot chain link safety fence next to railroad tracks.
Existing Conditions of Riverside Park
Concept Plans for Riverside Park
  • Third Avenue River Alley Pocket Park: 65 feet of Third Avenue will be permanently closed to vehicular traffic from Bridge Street to the back of the building at 315 Bridge Street. This space is between the West Shore Theatre and 315 Bridge Street, the home of Moss Creek Gallery. This park will be a haven for pedestrian gathering and leisure activities, to include lighting, benches, picnic tables, and planters. The West Shore Theatre received a facade grant from the Cumberland County Housing and Redevelopment Authority to help fund the mural. The mural pictured below is just a concept and not the final design.
Existing Conditions of Third Avenue
Concept Plans for Pocket Park

The total project cost for the Third Avenue Storm Sewer Replacement, Riverside Park Improvements and Third Avenue Pocket Park is $1,052,360. In addition to the $391,416 PSWS grant, the Borough was awarded a $350,000 Cumberland County Recovery Grant to use towards these projects. Without these two grants, these projects wouldn’t be possible. The Borough is bridging the funding gap, which is $310,944 using New Cumberland Borough COVID-19 ARPA funds.

The Borough anticipates getting started on all three projects Spring 2024.

New Cumberland Borough is beyond grateful and extend our sincere appreciation to the Commonwealth Financing Authority, Senator Mike Regan, Representative Sheryl Delozier, and the Cumberland County Commissioners for their support. These projects wouldn’t be possible without the financial support of these grants and the advocacy support from our elected officials. Thank you! We can’t wait to celebrate the completion of these projects with all of you and the community.

These projects were listed as priorities in the 2019 Revitalization Strategy and the 2023 Community Identity and Downtown Master Plan. They will increase the number of visitors to New Cumberland’s downtown, which will have a positive economic impact on our businesses. Having our downtown so close to water that is accessible to the public, differentiates our community from others. People want to visit and live in places that are close to water and with the right investments, the Borough will increasingly become that destination. The more we invest in the heart of our community the more jobs will be retained and created.