Community Garden

The Community Garden launched in 2021 and has 26 individual growing plots. It is meant to be a community asset where residents of the community can get their “green thumb” on. This project was one that was identified by the New Cumberland Revitalization Initiative / Safe-Active-Healthy Team as one that aligns well with the recreational and environmental interests of the community. The Community Garden is located near the New Cumberland Borough Office at 12th & Market Streets, New Cumberland (across the street from the Police Department).

The garden plots are granted to residents of New Cumberland Borough on a first-come, first-served basis who make timely application, and who demonstrate that they will use the assigned plot actively and responsibly. Residents wishing to renew their plot will be given first right of refusal each year.  New applications will then be allowed (see below for Application date deadlines).

Key Information

  • Those holding a plot will have until April 6th each year to renew their plots. After April 6th, any unrenewed plot will revert to being available to new applicants.
  • Those wishing to newly apply can initiate their application process starting on April 7th.
  • Approved renewal and new garden plot holders will be free to start their gardening work immediately following approval of application.
  • If an applicant wishes to be assigned a certain plot, the Borough will make its best effort to accommodate (depending on availability).  Applicant should refer to Garden Plot Plan noting the desired Plot #, and then calling the Borough Office to determine availability (717) 774-0404.
  • Completed Application, along with a check for $30 (made payable to the Borough of New Cumberland; this nominal fee of $30 per year per plot is to help with maintenance costs), can be hand delivered or mailed to the Borough Office at 1120 Market Street, New Cumberland, PA 17070.

For information, please call the Borough Office at (717) 774-0404.