Street Sweeping

Regular street sweeping improves the appearance and safety of public roadways and reduces the amount of pollutants that are conveyed to the Borough’s storm sewer system, which ultimately discharges to area waterways.

  • Bi-weekly sweeping begins during the first week of April.
  • During the months of July and August, the sweeper is operated one week in each month, usually the third week.
  • Bi-weekly sweeping resumes during the first week of September and continues to the beginning of leaf collection season. Leaf collection usually starts the third week of October.
  • The sweeper runs in conjunction with the leaf collection equipment, usually through the first week of December.
  • Street cleaning can be more thorough and complete if vehicles are not on the street when the street is cleaned. Much like when there is a snow storm, residents with driveways are asked to use them so the entire street can be cleaned on that day.
  • Property owners are asked to keep trees trimmed to the required height so the sweeper can work close to the curb without causing damage to the machine.