Snow Plowing

New Cumberland Borough’s Public Works Department implements a wide variety of snow and ice control techniques depending on the exact nature of the winter storm. The borough typically has a two-phase action plan for performing winter maintenance services.

  1. Open and maintain main traffic arteries
  2. Open and maintain access into and through all residential areas

Please observe the following tips:

  • Before the snow starts to fall, park off the street in a driveway or garage if available.
  • Plow or shovel snow to the right side of the driveway as you face the road. Having snow deposited away from the direction of the oncoming snowplows prevents the bulk of the snow from being pushed back into your driveway. However, please recognize that some snow will inevitably end up in front of all driveways as plows move down the street.
  • There will be times that the snowplows will push the snow against traffic to the left along the curb line.
  • Eliminate snow piles at the driveway entrance. Accumulated snow often obstructs visibility and creates road hazards by preventing drivers from seeing and being seen by other motorists.
  • When you clear your driveway or sidewalk, DO NOT put snow in the street. It is unlawful to throw, place or dispose of any snow or ice upon any portion of any street, highway, avenue, or roadway. Shoveling snow onto public roadways creates hazardous driving conditions and property owners can be held responsible for accidents which result from snow being placed onto roadways.
  • If you shovel out a parking space along the curb near your driveway, shovel out the area before the driveway (where the plow clears before it reaches your driveway).
  • If you must park along the curb, try parking before your driveway.
  • It is against the law to place chairs, sawhorses, buckets, or any other obstruction in a space you have cleared for parking in the street.
  • Cleaning snow around fire hydrants is every citizen’s job. As soon as the snow stops falling, clear the fire hydrant nearest to your home or property.
  • Your cooperation is necessary and appreciated.