Current Projects

The Borough in cooperation with community volunteers is working on the following projects to make New Cumberland a better place to live, work or play. View Completed and Ongoing Projects.

This summer New Cumberland Borough will be installing ADA curb ramps. Find location and a timeline here.

Hillside Park Project – though it’s been a “slow go”, the Hillside Park Project is still in great shape, and will be ready for use soon! As a quick refresher, the current (4) tennis courts that sit on Hillside Elementary School property have been redesigned to provide: (2) full-size basketball courts, (1) tennis court, and (4) pickleball courts. A Project Team was formed about 3 years ago, and in concert with the West Shore School District and the Bob Craig Youth Foundation, the team has worked with an urban planner to come up with a recreational amenity that will become a true asset for the whole community. An overview of the whole project, including an illustration of the court design, can be found at: In addition to improvements to the hard courts, the entire fence around the park will be replaced, and water drainage issues will be remedied.  The total cost of this phase of the project is estimated to be approximately $250,000.  While the Project Team is nearly complete in securing enough funding to proceed with Phase 1 (improvements to the court area), the contribution window is still open for those who wish to contribute to this significant community recreational asset. Upon receipt of grant money ($80,000) awarded to the Hillside Park Project from the PA Department of Education (PDE), the Project Team will be in position to request bids from contractors to implement Phase 1 of the project. The Project Team cannot start the project until the PDE funds are received. If the PDE funds are received later than September 2022, the project will have to be delayed until Spring 2023. Following completion of Phase 1, Phase 2 would then be pursued (including finding financial support for Phase 2, estimated to be an additional $35,000), with the scope of that phase relating to improvements to the girls & youth softball fields on the southwest portion of the property in front of Hillside Elementary School. Once completed, this project will benefit the whole community as an improved recreational asset, and likely will improve property values for the surrounding neighborhood. For further information, contact Don Kibler ( ).

In the summer of 2021, the Borough of New Cumberland entered a lease with Norfolk Southern for the river access area at the end of 3rd Avenue. The Borough of New Cumberland is intent on maximizing the recreational and safety attributes of this site for the benefit of the community. In December 2021, the Borough hired a consultant to develop the following concept plans:

  • 3rd Avenue Corridor Concept Plan – Enhance the streetscape (low-light streetlamps intermixed with string lights, sculptures, signage, etc) to create a safe, walkable and visually interesting corridor to connect the river to our commercial center on Bridge St.
  • Susquehanna Riverside Park Concept Plan – Enhance the safety and amenities, of our current leasehold, to provide for increased recreation and community programming.
  • Susquehanna River Walking Trail Feasibility Study – Determine feasibility of developing a 1.5-mile trail off the Riverside Park and along entire border of New Cumberland and the Susquehanna River, South to the Yellow Breeches Creek and North to the border of Lemoyne.

View Riverside Park and 3rd Avenue Concept Plans.

The zoning ordinance is being reviewed and modifications are being developed. An updated ordinance is expected to be adopted in early 2023.