Leaf Pick Up

Leaf collection in New Cumberland Borough begins the third week of October.

  • The scheduled day for each area is listed below.
  • All leaves are to be raked into the street at the curb line.
  • The schedule will repeat each week beginning with the first area.
  • In the event of inclement weather or equipment problems, the schedule will resume where interrupted.
  • The street sweeper will work in conjunction with the leaf collection equipment by sweeping the center of each street ahead of the leaf collector and then by sweeping behind it along the curb.
  • Please DO NOT place any large objects with the leaves such as branches, sticks, bricks, stones, etc., that could damage the leaf collection equipment.
  • The collection schedule for each area will end on the designated day during the first full week of December. This may change due to early winter weather events.
  • There will be no alley pick-ups.
  • Please refrain from parking close to leaf piles. Our equipment has difficulty reaching the curb line when vehicles are parked too close to leaf piles.

Leaf Collection Route

Find the day your leaves will be collected on the map below or download the Leaf Collection Map.

Click map to enlarge.