About NCB Government

Form of Government
The Borough of New Cumberland exists under the Pennsylvania Borough Code Title 8 which is a statute adopted by the Pennsylvania General Assembly as the basic law governing boroughs. The borough is operated by a Council, Mayor, and appointed officials.

Borough Council is the governing body. Seven members of Council are elected at large for four-year terms, holding regular monthly meetings. Council is responsible for levying taxes, enacting ordinances and resolutions, establishing policies, providing services, appointing officials, and promoting the health, safety, and welfare of the borough residents.

The Mayor is also an elected position with a four-year term. Although not a member of the Borough Council, the Mayor may attend all Council meetings and take part in the discussions. The Mayor may cast the deciding vote when a tie occurs and may approve or veto every ordinance or tax resolution passed by Council. If the Mayor vetoes an ordinance or tax resolution, Council may override it with a two-thirds vote. The Mayor has the responsibility for the administration of the police department.

The Borough of New Cumberland operates under the Council-Manager form of government. This system combines the political leadership and representation of elected officials with the administrative and professional experience of an appointed manager. It is the manager’s responsibility to implement and oversee the policies and programs set forth by Council on a day-to-day basis.

Council also appoints professionals such as a Solicitor, an Auditor, an Engineer, and an Insurance Broker to act in consulting and advisory capacities. The Tax Collector and Constables are positions elected at large by the public.

The Borough provides a wide range of public services and programs through an Administrative Office, a Police Department, a Fire Department, Codes Enforcement and Zoning, Public Works, Community and Economic Development and a Public Library. Public parks are maintained by Public Works. Trash collection and recycling are under contract with Penn Waste. The building that houses the West Shore Senior Center, a social hub for adults 55 and older, is leased to Messiah Lifeways. 

Borough Quick Facts

Area of New Cumberland Borough1.7 sq miles (1,100 acres)
Miles of Borough Streets25.31
State Highway Roads3.59
Borough Tax Rate3.8 mills