Property Maintenance

To keep neighborhoods safe, healthy and vibrant, there are local municipality rules for properties about everything from structural defects to uncut grass and junk in the yard/porch. The Codes Enforcement Official is continually in the process of performing exterior inspections of properties within the Borough. These inspections include commercial and residential (owner-occupied and non-owner-occupied) properties. The responsibility for maintenance and upkeep falls on the property owners, operators, and occupants of the property.


No grass, weeds, or other vegetation not edible or planted for some useful purpose shall be allowed to grow to a height more than six inches, to emit any unpleasant or noxious odor or to conceal any filthy deposit. Do not allow cut grass, hedge clippings, brush, or other cut materials to lie in borough streets. This debris accumulates and tends to clog storm sewer catch basins and lines. Tree branches and shrubs overhanging the streets, highways, avenues and alleys are to be a clear height of twelve (12) feet above the surface of a street, highway, avenue or alley. Branches and shrubs overhanging any sidewalk adjacent to the property must be a clear height of eight (8) feet above the surface of the sidewalk on or adjacent to the owner’s property.
Violations are enforced by fines and other costs.

View the following ordinances to comply with the minimum requirements and standards:  

Report a Violation

To report a property maintenance violation, please complete the online Complaint Form. All complaints must be signed and have a telephone number. Anonymous complaints will not be considered. All information is strictly confidential. All violations will be investigated and if required a written notice from the Enforcement Official will be sent requesting the issues be corrected within a specified timeframe. First time offenders will be given a warning. If the violation is not corrected further action will be taken.