Residential Rental Property Registration and Inspe­­­­ction

The Borough has determined non-owner-occupied dwellings or Residential Rental Dwelling Units are sometimes maintained at a standard significantly less than owner-occupied dwelling units. The failure to maintain Residential Rental Dwelling Units can and does result in a living space which is unsafe, unsanitary and, in many instances, not maintained to the minimum standards required by the various applicable codes and laws in effect in the Borough of New Cumberland. Therefore, the New Cumberland Borough Council determines it to be desirable in the public interest to enact the provisions providing for the regular and systematic inspection of non-owner-occupied dwellings or Residential Rental Dwelling Units to insure their continued compliance with applicable Borough Codes.

Every owner of a Residential Rental Dwelling Unit must register their dwelling unit(s) with the Borough’s  Zoning Enforcement Officer within the time period specified in Ordinance #689. Owners must notify the Borough within thirty (30) days of a new tenant occupying, renting or residing in their dwelling unit.

Download the Annual Rental License Application. For additional information refer to Residential Rental Dwelling Unit Inspection Ordinance 689. 

Inspections will occur one time in a three-year cycle. The property landlord is responsible to maintain the Residential Rental Dwelling Unit in compliance with the various applicable codes and laws. For the Inspection Checklist refer to the Residential Rental Unit Inspection Check List.