New Cumberland Borough and West Shore Communities Blocked Tolling on I-83 Bridge

In October 2021, New Cumberland committed over $10,000 in joining our brothers and sisters in Lemoyne, Camp Hill, Wormleysburg, Lower Allen, West Hanover Township, and East Pennsboro to bring a lawsuit against PennDOT to stop a plan to toll the South Bridge carrying Interstate 83 over the Susquehanna River. Tolling the bridge was seen as having a negative impact on our communities with increased traffic congestion on alternate routes, which are not well equipped to handle the anticipated traffic increases of drivers avoiding the tolls.

In May 2022, Commonwealth Court had issued a preliminary injunction to PennDOT to cease activities involved with their plan to collect tolls on the to-be-newly-constructed John Harris Memorial (South) I-83 Bridge, which PennDOT appealed to the State Supreme Court. Their plan was to charge $1-$2 (one way) for the next 30 years to cover the cost of construction and maintenance by a private company.

In July 2022, the legal challenge was successful, and the state legislature passed a bill stating that any future tolling plans must allow for non-toll access; for example, tolling can only be offered as an express lane option while allowing other open lanes.

In August 2022, PennDOT withdrew its appeal of the injunction.

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