Fall Cleanup


Leaf collection begins the third week of October and ends the first full week of December.

  • All leaves are to be raked into the street at the curb line.
  • The schedule will repeat each week beginning with the first area.
  • In the event of inclement weather or equipment problems, the schedule will resume where interrupted.
  • The street sweeper will work in conjunction with the leaf collection equipment by sweeping the center of each street ahead of the leaf collector and then by sweeping behind it along the curb.
  • Please DO NOT place any large objects with the leaves such as branches, sticks, bricks, stones, etc., that could damage the leaf collection equipment.
  • The collection schedule for each area will end on the designated day during the first full week of December. This may change due to early winter weather events.
  • There will be no alley pick-ups.
  • Please refrain from parking close to leaf piles. Our equipment has difficulty reaching the curb line when vehicles are parked too close to leaf piles.


Bi-weekly sweeping resumes during the first week of September and continues to the beginning of leaf collection season. The sweeper runs in conjunction with the leaf collection equipment, usually through the first week of December.

Regular street sweeping improves the appearance and safety of public roadways and reduces the number of pollutants that are conveyed to the Borough’s storm sewer system, which ultimately discharges to area waterways.

  • Street cleaning can be more thorough and complete if vehicles are not on the street when the street is cleaned. Much like when there is a snowstorm, residents with driveways are asked to use them so the entire street can be cleaned on that day.
  • Please avoid placing grass clippings, sticks and other debris in roadway.
  • Property owners are asked to keep trees trimmed to the required height so the sweeper can work close to the curb without causing damage to the machine. Tree branches and shrubs overhanging the streets, highways, avenues, and alleys are to be a clear height of twelve (12) feet above the surface of a street, highway, avenue or alley. Branches and shrubs overhanging any sidewalk adjacent to the property must be a clear height of eight (8) feet above the surface of the sidewalk on or adjacent to the owner’s property.
    Violations are enforced by fines and other costs.


What: Yard waste is material such as tree trimmings, shrubbery, and other organic landscape vegetation. It does NOT include grass clippings, fruits and vegetables, tree stumps, dirt, and stones. These non-yard waste items can be disposed of with your normal trash collection if it is in a container. For grass clippings, it’s suggested you practice grass-cycling and leave them on your lawn. The benefits are great for your lawn, saves you time and keeps them out of the landfill.

How: Place yard waste in biodegradable brown paper bags or bundle it with biodegradable twine in easy-to handle bundles. Bundles may be no longer than five feet in length; not exceed six inches in diameter; and not weigh more than 30 pounds each. An unlimited number or brown paper bags or bundles may be placed at the curb. Do not put yard waste in plastic bags. It will not be collected.

When: Yard waste pick up is the 3rd Saturday in April and October. Do not put yard waste out during your regular collection day.

1. Grass Clippings                  
2. Fruits & Vegetables                       
3. Tree Stumps                        
4. Dirt & Stones


One large household item per week will be collected from a residence by Penn Waste, Inc. on any regular collection day. This service is only available to residential customers included in the Borough’s trash collection and recycling contract. You must call Penn Waste to arrange your large item pickup at (717) 767-4456 or (866) 575-8720 at least 48 hours prior to your regular collection day.

Acceptable Items:

Appliances such as Refrigerators and Washing Machines Car Tires (TIRES ONLY. Must be removed from rims)
Carpet (48“ max length, rolled and tied) Scrap Metal (48“ max length) 
Furniture Mattresses & Box Springs 

The following items will NOT be collected:

Electronics – You can recycle electronics at Cumberland County’s Electronics Recycling Center, which is located at 1001 Claremont Road in Carlisle.Construction Material or Debris: drywall, brick, block, treated lumber, roofing shingles, ceiling tiles and concrete
Paints, stains, chemicals, and liquidsBatteries
Automobile partsHousehold Hazardous Waste
Tires on rimsCommercial and Industrial Waste
No loose piles. All small items must be boxed.  No items which are too heavy to be lifted into a truck by two people.


Cumberland County offers a HHW collection recycling program to give the residents of Cumberland County an alternative disposal method for these types of wastes. There is one more event in 2023: Thursday, October 26.  Appointments are required.