Christmas Tree Pickup & Reuse Options

Curbside Tree Collection
Christmas tree collection in New Cumberland Borough will begin on Tuesday, January 2, 2024, and run through Monday, January 15, 2024 on your scheduled trash collection day. 

  • Trees must be placed curbside in front of your property, not more than 24 hours prior to your collection day.
  • Trees must be free of all lights and decorations, including tree stands. 
  • If a commercial tree bag is used to remove the tree from your home, please be sure to remove the bag prior to collection. 

Sustainable Ways to Recycle/Reuse Your Tree
Here are six ways you can reuse your Christmas tree long after the season is over.  

  1. Firewood for outdoors – The sap from evergreens is flammable, so never use it for firewood indoors. For outdoors it should be dried out a few months before cutting or burning.
  2. Mulch – Whether it’s with the wood chips or needles, mulch is a great way to keep your yard trees healthy and moist during the cold winter season. 
  3. Ash for your garden – After you’ve burned the wood from your tree, gather the ashes and spread them on your garden. Wood ash contains potassium and lime (among other nutrients), which help plants thrive.
  4. Insulate your garden – Cut off the branches of your tree and lay them on your garden bed, the boughs will protect your plants from winter freezes and spring thaws.
  5. Fresheners – If the needles on your tree are still green, strip the tree and store the needles in paper bags or sachets to use as fresheners.
  6. Coasters – Cut the trunk into one-inch wood coasters. They’re attractive, practical, and protect your wood tables from water damage. Let the tree completely dry before cutting and varnish the coasters before use.

Adapted from the Arbor Day Foundation’s website.