Do Your Part to Stop the Spread of the Spotted Lanternfly

The Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) is a highly invasive and destructive insect. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, they cause serious damage to trees, including oozing sap, wilting, leaf curling, and tree dieback. These bugs also leave behind a sugary substance called honeydew that encourages black sooty mold growth. While this mold is harmless to people, it is devastating to plants and trees. Infestations of the SLF are not only nuisances to residents; they are a major threat to Pennsylvania’s agricultural industry, especially in the grapes, apples, hops, and hardwood industries.

Stop the Spread!

  1. If you find SLF, you should report it to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture online at or call 1-888-4-BADFLY (1-888-422-3359) toll free. Please only use this hotline for sightings outside the quarantine zone. New Cumberland Borough is in the quarantine zone.
  2. Before your travel or move any items stored outdoors, check for and remove all stages of SLF. Use the guide below to know what items to check and download the SLF Checklist for Residents.
  3. Manage SLF on your property by promoting plant health, scraping eggs, using traps, and using chemical control when appropriate. You can remove egg masses by scraping with a card, knife, or stick. Scrape them into a bag or container with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. You can also smash the eggs with a hard flat surface. Smash all eggs evenly (the eggs burst). Find other ways you can manage SLF with home-built traps and insecticide control.
From PA Dept of Agriculture