Meet Your Borough Council & Mayor


The voters of New Cumberland Borough give legislative and executive authority to the Borough Council. The Council is comprised of seven (7) members, of which each serves four-year terms that are staggered. Council is responsible for levying taxes, enacting ordinances and resolutions, establishing policies, providing services, and promoting the health, safety, and welfare of the borough residents. Additionally, Council appoints officials to run the daily affairs of the Borough, along with members of various municipal boards and commissions. Borough Council meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Borough Building located at 1120 Market Street, New Cumberland, PA 17070. All meetings are open to the public. Time is allocated at the beginning of every meeting for public comment.

Term Serving: 2024-2027
Previous Terms: 2020-2023
What I love about New Cumberland: I grew up in this town fishing at the boat docks, riding bikes in the alleys and playing ball in Memorial field. Matinees at the West Shore Theatre followed by milkshakes next door filled my Saturdays. Sound familiar? It’s still happening here! What a great place to live and raise a family.

1st Term Serving: 2024-2025
Mayor: 2022-2023
What I love about New Cumberland: New Cumberland holds a special place in my heart because of the amazing people who reside here. The community exudes warmth, kindness, and a strong sense of togetherness that makes me feel at home. Additionally, the opportunity to serve and make a difference in this town is incredibly fulfilling, allowing me to contribute to the betterment of the community that I love.

1st Term Serving: 2024-2027
What I love about New Cumberland: There’s a lot to love! In no particular order, I love: walking and biking around town, the Friends of the Library plant sale, all the dogs, the West Shore Theatre, the Neato mural, our parks, the little farmers market in the summer, the library, and the people that make it all happen.

1st Term Serving: 2022-2025
What I love about New Cumberland: I love New Cumberland’s walkability—no part of the borough is far from downtown or our other “community hubs.” I’m curious to know what it would take for the residents of the various neighborhoods, such as Rosemont, Manor, Elkwood and Drexel Hills, to be willing to walk or ride their e-bikes to the library or downtown for dinner and a show.

1st Term Serving: 2024-2027
What I love about New Cumberland: Whether you want to catch a movie, eat dinner, go fishing, worship God, take out some library books, grab a drink, play pickleball, or buy some toys or tools, our town has something for everyone. We are fortunate to have such a vibrant and inclusive community, and I look forward to where New Cumberland goes from here.

Term Serving: 2022-2025 
Previous Terms: 2019-2021
What I love about New Cumberland: New Cumberland Borough is dear to my heart with its unbeatable walkability, charming theatre and shops, lively ball fields and parks, cozy library, and the people I love. It’s more than just a town to me—it’s my home, where everything I cherish is within reach.


The Mayor is also an elected position with a four-year term. Although not a member of the Borough Council, the Mayor may attend all Council meetings and take part in the discussions. The Mayor may cast the deciding vote when a tie occurs and may approve or veto every ordinance or tax resolution passed by Council. If the Mayor vetoes an ordinance or tax resolution, Council may override it with a two-thirds vote. The Mayor has the responsibility for the administration of the police department.

1st Term Serving: 2024-2025
What I love about New Cumberland: I grew up in New Cumberland, I loved the parks, outdoor spaces and walking to school; I had great neighbors, made lifelong friends and had a community of support. When I moved back to raise my son over 30 years ago, I experienced the same supportive community, wonderful neighbors, lots of fun sports and activities for my son to participate in, a great library, good schools, and caring committed residents.