Recycle Your TVs & Electronics

Unwrap the new and recycle your old TVs and electronics at Cumberland County’s Electronic Recycling Center, located at 1001 Claremont Road, Carlisle, PA. This facility is open to anyone regardless of where they reside since it is a fee-based facility. See costs below.

Why should I recycle my electronics at the Cumberland County facility when other recycling options (i.e. Best Buy, Staples) exist?
Due to limitations created by Pennsylvania’s 2010 electronics recycling law, there is a lack of recycling opportunities for televisions. The County’s facility helps fill that recycling gap.   

Televisions are the most difficult and most expensive of electronics to recycle, which is why it’s so hard to find a place to recycle them. They will gladly accept the other electronics on their acceptable items list but want the public to know that recycling outlets for the other electronics may exist at better rates. Click here to view possible outlets for electronics other than televisions

What is accepted for recycling?
A complete list of acceptable electronics can be viewed here. Please note the list of unacceptable items as well, which includes household hazardous waste (HHW). The County holds 4 HHW events a year at the Cumberland County Recycling Center. 

What does it cost to recycle electronics?
• $0.50/pound
• Cash and debit/credit cards only (no checks)
• 2.3% card use convenience fee ($1.00 min)
• Average weight = 88lbs | Average cost = $44.00

For hours of operation and more FAQ, visit the Cumberland Electronic Recycling Center. Please note, that leaving electronics at the recycling center during closed hours is considered illegal dumping.