PPL Transmission Line Rebuild Project

A resilient transmission line system helps PPL deliver safe and reliable service across their distribution lines to your home and businesses. PPL continuously invests in transmission projects to improve reliability, protect the grid from extreme weather, reduce outages, and enable renewable energy interconnections. In the fall of 2022, they started construction to rebuild a 3.2-mile transmission line from the west side of the Susquehanna River to their Harrisburg substation. This line serves customers in the Harrisburg and New Cumberland areas.


What kind of work will be done?
We’ll replace the existing wooden poles with taller, stronger, steel monopoles. We’ll also upgrade the wires and improve lightning protection. These repairs will reduce the need for extensive repairs and maintenance in the future and help keep future costs down for our customers.

This project requires the construction of a temporary stone causeway and floating road across a portion of the river while work is completed. This work is underway, and PPL Electric expects the reliability work to be completed in fall of 2023 with full restoration of the area continuing into the fall of 2024. Since 2012, continued investments in transmission, like this one, have assisted PPL Electric in reducing frequency of outages by 92 percent. 

How will this impact access to the river for recreation? 
During the rebuild, the nearby boat launch at Riverside Park will not be affected, but the western portion of the river will be blocked to boating traffic. The eastern portion of the river will be open throughout the project and PPL Electric has installed signs and buoys in the river to notify boaters and other recreational users of the river. As always, PPL Electric asks, for your safety and the safety of its crews, to please keep a safe distance from the work area and crews.

Will my power need to be turned off for this work?
No. We are not planning to turn off power to homes or businesses at any time to complete this work.

Will PPL Electric Utilities need to acquire more right of way to complete this work?
The line will be rebuilt within the existing right of way; therefore, we don’t anticipate seeking
additional easements to build or maintain the line.

What will the new poles look like?
The new poles will be taller and stronger, steel monopoles, with a protective brown coating that prevents corrosion. The new poles will be between 75 and 100 feet tall, which is about 25 feet taller than the height of the existing poles.

What is the project schedule?
During the spring and summer months, they’ll be drilling holes and installing foundations. They’ll also gather necessary materials to support the project and begin tree-trimming work, so the area is clear for new poles. View a more detailed construction schedule by street.

March 2023West Shore work in New Cumberland
Transmission rebuild activities
May 2023Causeway construction to support transmission rebuild activities
across the Susquehanna River
July 2023East Shore construction in Steelton Borough
August – November 2023Transmission rebuild activities in the New Cumberland Borough Park
*We will minimize impact to Park access and activities
November 2023Transmission rebuild activities completed
Winter 2023 – 2024Causeway removal completed
Spring – Fall 2024Restoration activities completed

Want to learn more?
For more details, visit our virtual open house at pplelectric.com/harrisburgproject.

PPL will continuously add photos and video to this site for media use: https://news.pplweb.com/2023-05-18-PPL-Electric-Utilities-to-complete-transmission-line-rebuild-across-Susquehanna-River.