NCB Featured in THE BURG – New Energy, New Cumberland: Revitalization efforts are creating a buzz in the riverside borough.

NOVEMBER 30, 2022 | by Karen Hendricks

New Cumberland has a new identity.

A brightly colored logo proclaiming, “New Cumberland Borough: Old Town, New Energy” is coming to banners and flags, signs, borough newsletters and “everywhere we can put it,” said Valerie Copenhaver, the Cumberland County borough’s first-ever director of community and economic development.

Like a mosaic, each color and shape on the new logo represents a fresh look at the town’s longtime landmarks: frontage along the Susquehanna River and meandering Yellow Breeches Creek, the beloved New Cumberland Borough Park, and uniquely shaped intersections radiating out to neighboring communities like rays of sunlight.

Branding the borough is just the beginning. There’s an explosion of projects underway, sparked by borough officials, business leaders, residents and community volunteers alike.

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