Hillside Park Construction Update

The Hillside Park Project at New Cumberland Hillside Elementary School is about to happen! Combating rising costs for construction materials in the midst of the pandemic, and following several years of additional fundraising to meet those increased costs, the Project Team is finally at the point where they can sign contracts to start the construction!  Contracts should be signed by May 15, 2023.  Assuming materials can be delivered on schedule, the project should break ground around June 12, 2023 with a targeted completion date of around August 14, 2023.

It should be noted that this project has been conducted by an all-volunteer staff.  It is not a New Cumberland Borough project, and it has used no local tax payer dollars to pay for the project.  The project has been designed in full cooperation and support with the West Shore School District, on whose property this project sits.

The project will feature:

  • 2 regulation size basketball courts
  • 1 tennis court
  • 4 pickleball courts
  • A “green space” where visitors can sit & relax
  • Replacement of the fence surrounding the courts

The project will also remediate the drainage issue that causes erosion to the adjoining baseball field.

The graphic below illustrates the plan:

It is intended that the Hillside Park Project will provide a 1st class recreational amenity for the benefit of the whole community, young & old.  It will reintroduce outdoor basketball to the community to help support the development of boys & girls basketball during the summer months, and of course will accommodate casual “pick up” games.  The tennis court is for those who have longed to have a quality court in the community on which to play.  And of course with pickleball, the project caters to one of the most popular outdoor court games to have come along in a while.

With the improvements to this site, it can be hoped that property values in the surrounding neighborhood may go up.  The courts won’t be lighted, and so play will be from dawn to dusk.  The New Cumberland Library will be establishing a “loaner program” so that those who don’t have the equipment to play can borrow it for their time on the courts.

While it is true that the project now has enough money to responsibly enter into contracts, if we had a little bit more money, there is more that we could do to enhance the project.  To donate, go to The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC is a non-profit, 501-C-3, and serves as the “fiscal agent” for the Hillside Park Project). Donations in any amount will be appreciated! And thank you to the Bob Craig Youth Foundation for their help in getting this project started; and to all who have supported and generously donated thus far!!

For more information, you may reach Don Kibler at:  dkibler4newcumb@gmail.com.